Cigarettes after sex

Cigarettes After Sex @ Brixton Academy.

All the way from Texas, ambient pop trio Cigarettes After Sex played their biggest show to date on Thursday at the iconic Brixton Academy.

Despite forming way back in 2008 they only released their debut album last summer to massive commercial success rounding up the glowing reviews and landing themselves spots on many end of year roundups.

The show was sold out despite the band’s bold decision to not have any support, in place we were met with a band curated playlist mainly made up of slow lofi jams. It became apparent that this possibly wasn’t the best idea with many people getting slightly restless in the last 20 or so minutes prior to the band hitting the stage.

The time finally came I have had to admit I was a little taken aback by the crowds very limp and lifeless reaction, with many around me not even looking up and instead continuing their conversations, it was almost like people didn’t know the band had just walked on stage, like nothing I had seen happen before so it just hit me as a little odd.

Kicking things off with the sparkling ‘Young and dumb’ showcasing frontman Greg Gonzalez’ gracefully androgynous vocal style over the light slightly melancholy guitars. Followed up by the deep bassline lead ‘Affection’ and ‘John Wayne’ before hitting us with the massive back to back singles ‘Truly’ ‘Sunsetz’ and ‘K’.

Admittedly the sound system really didn’t do their talent justice giving the whole show a very fuzzy unintentional undertone, which was a shame. That along with the unengaged crowd made or a bit of an altered experience, however, for a long time fan like myself it was still an incredible show.

Pick up a copy of their debut self-titled album HERE


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