Samia by Ruby Rose

Samia shines on new single ’21’

New York native Samia sings deep from the heart on her second single of the year, ’21’.

Now turned 21, this single is all about Samia’s post-teenage angst as her sharp-witted lyricism, raw and electric indie-rock flair, and her searing vocals flourish.

Samia’s knack is unique as she has the ability to tap into youthful angst with a precocious wisdom we seem to lose as we get older. Her songs are like emotional tantrums and last-call thesis statements that feel like they’ve been there forever, just waiting for someone to come around and sing them.

On ‘21’, Samia turns her sights inward, wrestling with her own self-image, cider in hand. “I weigh a hundred and fucking something pounds,” she sings. “That makes me almost good. It is nice to be a hero, but it’s better to be anything that anyone could want in a woman.” But only moments later, she seems to reconsider her sentiment, boiling over with indignation, “You don’t have to be an ingenue and there is nothing wrong with you as long as you make your family proud.”

“I was worried during the year leading up to my 21st birthday because I’d always thought there was something I should have figured out by then,” says Samia, talking about the single. “It was really liberating to turn 21 without having figured that out; I was happy knowing that I had a lot of love in my life and was doing my very best.”

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