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Discover: Neon Cactus – ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Care’

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Bruss, known as Neon Cactus released his debut album ‘Beneath the Noise’.

Earlier this month the London-based musician wrote and recorded the album two years ago in Bristol drawing in a variety of influences as well as employing a methodical approach to songwriting.

With roots to alt-rock and pop, the album has irresistibly catchy melodies, evocative guitar leads, tight synth sounds and hauntingly introspective lyrics to create music that is both alluring and unnerving in equal measure.

The third single off the album ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Care’ is a prime example of Bruss’ thought process.

“When I started writing this song I had a very clear idea of how it would begin and end – with some bold and slightly Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies. The rest of the music was then written from this starting point.”

Bruss added: “I wrote the lyrics in an odd way; the title lyrics in the chorus actually started off as just some ‘nonsense’ words I would sing to work out the vocal melody.

“As the song started forming I began to realise the lyrics, “don’t know, don’t care,” were actually perfect for the track and for the message I wanted to get across.”

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