No Kind Of Rider

No Kind Of Rider release groovy single ‘Dark Ice’

Emerging indie-rock five-piece No Kind of Rider have released their third single ‘Dark Ice’. If you just want something to sit down and relax to then this is your song.

Combining emotional pop sensibilities with unexpected dynamic instrumentation and groovy r&b changes, ‘Dark Ice’ jumps between sensitive and powerful.  The chorus is deep in the pocket and danceable and leads to a bridge and final payoff that are well worth the wait.  Guitars make their mark on this song with a fresh feel that blends contemporary danceable rock and bluesy gospel riffing.

With their personnel stretching from Portland to New York, the band have previously released ‘Savage Coast’ and debut single ‘District’ – which is also another great track.

Speaking about the band said: “There’s a natural tension that occurs in some relationships. Especially where there is potential for greatness. Breakthroughs only come during moments of struggle. Dark Ice digs into that tension. Sex and love and power get confused in those moments. Sometimes you know something is so right that it hurts. You have to plead your case, you’re willing to throw yourself on the ground for it.

“This track has our roots woven into it. There’s Tulsa in those guitars. There’s gospel in the bassline. The full stops and unison lines come from our soul.

“This track shouldn’t exist. I mean, we put so many influences together that I’m surprised it makes sense at all. It takes so many left turns but I think that the internal tension helps support the concept of the song. We wrote this pretty early in the process of this record and it set the stage for the sound of the album. A part of the energy is there because we forced ourselves to write it faster than usual. We never really took our time agreeing on how the song should sound so there’s still a lot of fight in the track.”

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