High Tropics

Discover: High Tropics – Wait For You

Australian garage pop High Tropics return with a new infectious single ‘Wait For You’.

The Queensland-based quintet formed by Josh Stewart and his band of brothers who were born from the ashes of The Ninjas. As well as bringing us a new single, the lads bring us a charming and melodic track.

Defined as Infective Garage Pop by Rolling Stone Australia, the track features track features electrifying garage riffs, Josh Stewart’s harmonious vocals and one hell of a catchy chorus that will spread your wings and set you free.

And to top it all off, ‘Wait For You’, recorded by acclaimed producer Elliot Heinrich (Pop Cult, Tempesst) and mastered by Brian Lucey (Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood).

Speaking about the song Stewart noted “I’m generally a pretty private person so I don’t really like to share personal issues but having recently witnessed someone I admire share some of the struggles he’d faced silently for many years, I’m now more aware of how important it is to be honest and share our battles with physical and mental health, especially in an industry where struggles with the latter are all too common.”

“A few years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that kind of split my life in two and left a dark cloud hanging over my head even after I’d fought so hard to get my health back. With that said, ‘Wait For You’ is about patience, longing, and moving forward… Even if you’ve got that fear of the unknown in the back of your head or in the pit of your stomach, you’ve got to keep moving forward.”

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