Instant Reason

Instant Reason release debut EP ‘Growing Up’

Wow, What a track this is. Hidden in the heart of Los Angeles, Instant Reason have released their debut EP ‘Growing Up’.

In that EP, ‘Ruminations’ is the fourth and final track and is, without doubt, the strongest track in their arsenal so far.

The song is a story of a person who is always worried or in deep thought about the decisions they make. Luckily for the character, they found a companion who helps them get out of their own head and through anything the world throws their way.

By structuring their EP for live performances, the band have managed to perfect the ringing guitar of the first track ‘Growing Up’ that sets a stage presence for the band to enter the audience’s view to the upbeat jangly guitars over a layer of care free drumming of ‘Ruminations’.

The track also contains what the band call as an “epilogue” of spacy, ambient instrumentals and a haunting vocal effect. I think it’s a bit unnecessary and kills the vibe of the groovy and danceable track but that’s my opinion.

Instant Reason is comprised of Justin Juarez (vocals), Nico Mendoza (bass), Corina Parga (guitar), and JP Guitierrez (drums). These four friends met in music programs in high school and later dispersed to seek out various opportunities after graduating.

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