DMA’s @ Kentish Town Forum

The first time I ever listened to DMA’s was on the day they released their second album. You could probably imagine my hype when I got press to see them on the following Tuesday (May 1st). It was one of those first for everything’ kinda days. First time hearing Planet live, first time eating a ‘Five Guys’ and a first for hearing more than 5 DMA tracks.

I definitely went in with an open mind. With the 3 Aussies being proclaimed as one of (if not) the best brit-pop band around today and the continuous hype from Mr ‘God-Like’ himself, I was feeling somewhat optimistic. It still begs the question, how did 3 Australians manage to become one of the most anticipated and sought after acts in London?

It all kinda manifests from them being so similar to Oasis. Which is something every Britpop band is going to face at some point in their career. Eerily, Matt Mason is the type of statement lead singer which makes it easier to compare to his musical doppleganger. He wears the same clothes all the time (cap and polo), he simply just stands there and belts tracks out. His voice is essentially a more refined LG. I personally struggled to look past that. No much how much depth they brought to their tracks. It was just too good to be original?

One things to be said, they’ve done their homework. You can tell that these guys have aspired to follow the path of the greats in their genre. But we’re talking about British royalty. Oasis, The Stone Roses, Kasabian. It’s brilliant that the shit hairdos of London on their Lambrettas are turning up in the masses and supporting a band that genuinely deserve the appraisal, Unlike, their count parts and all-round arseholes The Sherlocks. But they’re not mind-blowingly innovative. They’re a solar system away from any other guitar band riding the Britpop wave, but they just didn’t captivate me.

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