Charlie Lane

Melbourne’s Charlie Lane released new single ‘Crazy Happy’

Melbourne singer and songwriter Charlie Lane returns with her new single ‘Crazy Happy’.

Following up from the dazzling debut EP ‘Mood Swings & Antidepressants’ last year, Lane is as witty and authentic as ever.

Her bittersweet indie-pop does all the talking, the carefree drumming over delicious guitar licks are divine. Lane’s vocals have an emotional edge that is convicted in a love-infused way it’s hard not to love them. All the musical elements – including the trumpets – feel sad but sound so happy.

With influences from Kate Nash, Etta James she capturing some raw aspects of human experience with the help of her backing band.  ‘Crazy Happy’ is a dazzling track, doused with charisma and happiness.

You can find Charlie Lane on Facebook and Spotify.

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