Premiere: Hospital – ‘Nothing But Love’

We premiere ‘Nothing But Love’ as Russian indie-pop four-piece, Hospital, gear up to release their third album later this year.

‘Nothing But Love’ kick starts with a soaring drum beat and gleaming guitar pop riffs, adding a hefty measure of electronica to their infectious indie track.

Their sound is littered with iconic 80’s influence, from Bands such as New Order, Tears for Fears and INXS. The Cure has also been a continuous inspiration throughout the quartet’s discography.

Describing the track, Berdnikov said: “Sometimes you come to a point where it’s become clear that all you need is love.

“Never mind who you are, or where are you from, or on what language you speak. There are some universal things in this world.

“Actually, that’s what politics should learn. Maybe it sounds a bit naive but when you wake up in the morning and read the news of the world you understand it’s just as simple as that.”

With two successful albums under their belt, having supported the Moscow legs of huge international tours, including Lana Del Ray, The Neighbourhood and The Kooks, Hospital are ready to release their third album.

All three albums are recorded and produced by local Russian talent Konstantin Buglevsky.

Egor Berdnikov (vocal, guitar), Aleksey Shorin (bass), Andrey Tsvetkov (guitar) and Vladimir Balovnev (drums) formed in 2011 by members of several Russian indie rock bands.

You can find Hospital on Facebook and Twitter.

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