Saharas showcase their ambition and drive on new single ‘Sweat’

Guitar music has seen a revival over the past year or so, with a thriving indie pop scene featuring the likes of Fickle Friends and Marsicans seeing a shift towards mainstream popularity.

The latest band looking to spearhead this shift is Saharas, emerging from Reading with their new track ‘Sweat.’ The band has received support from Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, and this could lead to a bright future.

‘Sweat’ features stunning vocals with layered guitars. Placed high up in the mix, they create a dominating presence and a massive original sound. This is followed by a melodic chorus, which is brimming with passion and emotion.

What makes ‘Sweat’ stand out though are the synths in the background. Coupled with the guitars, they bring a vibe reminiscent of new wave, while the added reverb gives the track a stadium-like presence. It shows that Saharas are a band you should keep your eye on because they’re heading on to bigger things.

Listen to ‘Sweat’ here!


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