Liverpool quartet SPINN release self-titled debut EP

Liverpool has always been one of the most pinnacle places for creating awesome musicians. Now indie-rock quartet SPINN have released their self-titled debut EP.

If you’re a big fan of the band (Jonny (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Andy (Lead Guitar/Synths), Sean (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Louis (Drums)) then you will have already heard most of the tracks already like ‘She Takes Her Time‘, ‘After Dark’ and ‘Who You Are’.

It is built around a beautiful glacial guitar riff with plenty of reverb and an infectious chorus that’ll bring a ray of sunshine to a cold winter day. The reverb on the backing vocals demonstrates the band’s dream-pop influence, it makes them sound hazy and unique, and it works superbly. The song’s lyrics are powerful and cleverly express the desire for this girl to fall in love with you.

‘After Dark’ is a blast of shimmering dream-pop with a groovy guitar flicks just entices you in to have this song playing on repeat. ‘Who You Are’ follows similar suit keeping that happy smile on your faces.

The EP closes with their longest number to date, and new cut, ‘November’. It’s a true love song, as singer Jonny Quinn sings, “I’m just glad, to have you near me. I’m just glad, to have you by my side”. It’s the band’s slowest track, and a welcomed texture to a very boppy EP.

“I personally always saw November as an EP closer when we wrote it in 2015.” Jonny Quinn muses… “Mainly because it was the first song we wrote that sent us in the direction we have kinda refined into our sound. It’s also the song we experimented with the most in the studio, which was loads of fun.”

In true English style the lyrics to the song were written on the bus: “I wrote the lyrics to this one on the bus on the way to a practice, but they’re probably my most heartfelt lyrics and have a lot of personal meaning behind them, it reminds me of a very happy time in my life, so yeah there you have it.  The last song on the EP and the most meaningful.”

The lads have made their mark in Liverpool, the challenge now is to get the rest of the UK falling into their arms.

Tour dates:

April 6 – Liverpool, Arts Club EP launch
April 21 – Cardiff, Xprestival, Buffalo Bar
April 24 – Birmingham, Hare and Hounds*
April 25 – Nottingham, Rough Trade*

May 5 – Liverpool, Sound City Festival
May 12 – London, CloseUp Festival

August 3 – Leicestershire, 110 Above Festival

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