Neon Islands

Artist Spotlight: Neon Islands

In this modern indie scene in our country, what seems like the most important thing is your live sets. As an artist if you perform well live not only are fans going to love it and recommend your act to others, but people who’d previously not heard you could easily become new fans through seeing you support someone. This is something that this week’s Artist Spotlight nailed on the head.

Neon Islands first came to my attention after seeing them support The Night Café in Guildford’s beloved venue The Boileroom. Neon Islands stole the show. I’ve never seen a support act pull a crowd like that, nor command them the way these boys did.

Neon Islands blend beautiful sunny indie rock with some heavier influences and electronic vibes. The band attended ACM, Guildford’s prestigious music school, who had this to say about the group: “Neon Islands is a shared shelter between four musicians from different countries who came together to craft electric and fluorescent songs taking major influences from their Indie pop/rock backgrounds”

The group have recently released their latest single ‘Reel’. This is a track that stands above all their others so they’re clearly heading in the right direction. ‘Reel’ feels like a teen movie anthem packed with emotional lyric and an absolutely stomping hook it’s hard not to want to dance to this. It’s a true reflection of love and youth and hasn’t left my ears since it’s release.

Can’t get enough? Good news! Neon Islands have a wonderful EP for you to dive into as well as another single coming soon. This comes with a double single launch show in their hometown so if you want a great gig in a great venue make sure to hunt them down.

Neon Islands are:

Carlos de los Santos: Guitar/Vocals
Nico Narbona: Keyboard
Jamies Hayes: Bass
Sam Lawson: Drums

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