EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Louis Antoniou – Rag Doll

In a scene full of new artists seemingly every day, it’s extremely refreshing to find someone like Louis Antoniou. With a strong blues vibe there’s heavy influences from acts like Miles Kane and this style is something that’s sorely missing from this scene of ours. Self described as “Doomed romances, run ins on nights out and seeing trollies in lakes.”

Louis Antoniou has released several tracks since his debut single ‘Bad Apple’ and it’s allowed him to gain a growing fanbase eager to hear more. With slots at Y Not Festival, Dot to Dot Festival, and an appearance on Sky Arts its clear to see why they want more; and more has been given.

We’re being absolutely blessed with this new track. ‘Rag Doll’ feels like Antoniou’s magnum opus. As if Queens of the Stone Age jumped in to his shoes. Catchy guitar riffs and lyrics like ‘pick me up, put me down’ combine to create this beautiful alt indie blues rock that he’s becoming so well known for. This is definitely a more heavy rock driven track than his prior work but this is by no means a bad thing. In fact this has let Antoniou develop his sound to a place that extremely accessible and beautiful. The slick guitar work and stomping bass is something to be hugely admired in this track and helps bring it all together to create a masterpiece.

Louis Antoniou is a name to remember and certainly a newcomer to watch this year.

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