FOXE release energetic dance anthem ‘Honeytop’

Smooth sounding and bursting with carefree energy; FOXE are back with a slick new track ‘Honeytop’ has landed and it’s an absolute indie dance anthem.

A burst of energetic drum beats matched with a bubbly guitar melody open the song, with smooth sounding guitar and vocal harmonies giving it that slick ‘I want to get up and dance to this’ vibe. Main Vocals, as ever with this gem of a band, are irresistibly husky and nonchalant, adding layers to lyrics that are passionate and undeniably well written.

A track focussed on love and the struggles of moving on isn’t exactly going to be straightforward, and in just under 3 minutes FOXE explore feeling in all its complexity. For a smooth and carefree opening to lead into an emotional and high octane climatic final chorus seems too big a contrast, but the transition is seamless, and so intricately well-fitting with equally complex and mixed lyrics. Whilst letting their creative licence run free, this track is a celebration of the band’s flawless musical proficiency and fine tuned attention to detail.

Deep, sturdy bass notes take a spotlight in the final few seconds, leading into the final intimate lyrics, a soft comedown from such an intense final chorus.

Honeytop is a gorgeous track, a well-seasoned mix of nonchalant dance vibes and raw emotion.

 featured image by Ryan Henry –

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