CloseUp Presents @ Thousand Islands

The 7th of April saw us take a trip in unfamiliar territory as we were invited to check out Submariner and Smooth Ends as part of CloseUp Promotion show at Thousand Islands. On top of this, a cheeky catch up with our boys Glass Peaks as they were geared up and ready to heading the disco-esque venue.

Submariner have been on our watch list ever since they were brought to our attention back in 2017. It’s early days for the Indie Pop four piece and I think they know it. However saying that, the vocal arrangements for every song are in completion and have been thoroughly thought over; meaning that the tunes are there and everything is sounding decent, It just needs a point a go moment. I know these guys have the potential to run away with it. There’s still a lot to be figured out with these guys. Different sounds, what sort of band they want to be. Their musical journey is simply at it’s beginning stages and I’m looking forward to see what they bring for the remainder of 2018.


I’m not one to judge a book by it’s cover (total lies). However, when I’m presented with four gangly European dudes, all fresh out of German GCSE picture book, all sorts of madness starts running through my head. However, little did I know that the around the world four piece were the funkiest, dirtiest disco freaks this side of the hemisphere. I was utterly blown away by the back to back grooves from the passionate Smooth Ends. Their combination of dirty Indie pop, stoner disco and funk was a fusion I never thought I’d dream of hearing. It was sexual and slow, it sped up and got everyone dancing. The bass was slapping. It was a trip back in time. Partnered up with disco queens EKKAH, you’ve got yourself one hell of a duo.

Glass Peaks are easily one of the most passionate live bands around today. This isn’t something that is just seen on stage, but also away from the limelight. These boys give a fuck and it shows in their music. Showcasing a brand new version of the song ‘(can’t remember the poxy name)’, Glass Peaks are finally putting all of the puzzle pieces together. That Saturday night was a masterclass in performance and understanding the type of artists that you want to be. A theme has been created with these guys. The instruments are completing each other, it’s not middle of the road – it’s explosive and unpredictable. People are beginning to know the lyrics. It’s incredible watching them get to this stage. Glass Peaks have been a work in progress. A curve-ball was thrown and hit that shit out of the park. Best live band in London? Probably. Maybe you should go find out for yourself.

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