Civic In The Sun kick things off perfectly with ‘I Wouldn’t Know’

Hollywood 5-piece Civic In The Sun are a raw band. Straight out of nowhere and they release their debut offering, ‘I Wouldn’t Know’.

Instantly hit with a dirty guitar riff and then the drums come crashing in to produce a groove which will grab you by the shoulders gaining your full attention.

Pristine vocals come into play building tension and eventually lets loose into the chorus.

If you’re a fan of Royal Blood or Queens of the Stone Age then you will want to get on the CITS band wagon asap!

The producers of ‘I Wouldn’t Know’, In Flight Music Group say the band is “injecting the Hollywood Rock scene with a shot of adrenaline. From powerful vocals and blistering guitar leads, to thunderous drums and cinematic productions, Civic In The Sun takes our favorite elements of Rock & Roll and presents them in a youthful way.”

I know as a music blog that simply stating what is in the press release can be seen as lazy journalism, but for me they have it spot on! Why try to reword it when they have done in perfectly!

To say ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ is their debut holds a promising future for Civic In The Sun.

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