Birthday Card

Birthday Card release new summery anthem ‘Berlin’

There’s been a huge rise recently of synths and 80s style pop in the indie scene. This is in no way a complaint because it’s incredible. One of the bands that have headed this so well are Birthday Card.

New track ‘Berlin’ is a beautiful upbeat indie pop/rock song packed to the brim with those good 80s vibes. It fits perfectly into a summery style playlist and absolutely sticks out as a staple track. The sun drenched guitars bring you in with a catchy riff, then the melodic vocals dance over the top with layers of pop-y synths and light bouncing drums carrying it along.

There’s something about this track where nothing feels overpowering, we’re kept at that perfect equilibrium and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. The track keeps in style with Birthday Card’s melancholy but upbeat vibe. With its light anthemic style, you’re transported into a nostalgic, summery daydream with ‘Berlin’ and its safe to say this will more than surely be featured in many summer playlists.

The band have one official release prior to this called ‘Heartstops’ which has gained them much deserved attention. Perhaps we can look forward to more singles, an EP, or Album from the band.

Birthday Card support Sleeper at Bedford’s Esquires on 6th April.

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