Vistas return with a little “Calm” after the storm

In wake of the bitter cold snap that’s recently taken the UK hostage, ‘Calm’ is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Sweet as candy, and refreshing as an ice cold lemonade on a summer day. The Edinburgh based indie rockers, Vistas are back with a fun loving bubbly track for the masses.

Known for their fast tempo feel good indie pop, ‘Calm’ is no exception to Vistas growing catalogue of singles. The track is a charming little tune with an upbeat and optimistic melody.

Ultimately the only fault I can find is the occasional difficulty for understanding the lyrics. So potentially that lyric above could be utterly false. Personally I’m caught between believing it’s either dancing or asking.

Excusing that however, there’s very little to fault the track on. It’s cheery and sticks to a familiar tried and tested formula guaranteed to get you up and dancing.

Calm definitely has what it takes to lighten the spirits of even the most miserable and chilly soul. I’m so sure of this, that I challenge you to listen to Calm without tapping your feet, or having the melody in your head for the next few days. It simply can’t be done!

The smooth vocals accompanied with a cheery opener and free-spirited but critical lyrics create a bubble-gum scented recipe for an infectious summer hit.

So if sunny indie pop sounds right up your street, I’d definitely suggest listening to this fun loving track, and adding it to any playlists that need an injection of spirited cheeky fun.

Unfortunately, the Retrospect singers currently only have tour dates scheduled for Scotland at the moment. Excluding their supporting position alongside Sunset Sons for Circa Waves second opening party for Hit the North Festival 2018 (HTN)

So if you happen to be in the area, here’s where you can catch them:

Friday 4th of May, 02 Academy, Newcastle (Hit the North support)
Wednesday 9th of May, Cafe Drummond, Aberdeen
Thursday 10th of May, The Green Room, Perth
Friday 11th of May, P.J. Molloys, Dunfermline
Saturday 12th of May, Bakers, Kilmarnock
Sunday 13th of May, The Caves, Edinburgh

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