Saltwater Sun

Saltwater Sun release new track ‘The Wire’

We’ve been getting teases of something in the works from Saltwater Sun for a while. Snippets of a photo on Instagram to make one large one and little explanation has definitely brought excitement about. Having not released anything since 2016 and no gigs since 2017, it all but seemed like the band had disappeared.

Yet here they are, and what an re-entrance it is. “The Wire” is the new track from the Reading born indie pop group. Known for their beautiful vocals, extremely catchy riffs and lyrics, and stunning composition, the band were on the verge of breaking through massively. Perhaps the gap was worth it with the release of ‘The Wire’ getting huge amounts of attention including names like Huw Stephens from Radio 1 giving it air time.

“The Wire” is somehow different to their previous material though. Their older material was wonderful. Absolutely an incredible upbeat indie pop/rock band with so much potential and an brilliant discography. “The Wire” is of course still this stunning blend of indie pop and rock, however it’s so much more. This feels like Saltwater Sun’s sound has been refined to a point they’re happy with. It’s so beautifully rounded off yet still has a sharp edge to let it stick in your mind. I’ll never want to stop listening to the angelic voice of lead Jenn or the little atmospheric notes that help really build the sound from the guitars. Everything is just…right with this track. It all falls into place perfectly.

The band are playing their first show in a year at Are You Listening Festival in Reading on April 28th, having seen them support Black Honey in Reading last year, I’d extremely recommend seeing this group live, there’s so much energy. If you’re a fan of bands like Black Honey, Anteros, and Jaws, I can highly recommend this band and this new track specifically.

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