mystic peach

Discover the psychedelic shoegaze of Mystic Peach

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times, psychedelic and shoegaze music is making a glorious comeback and needs more attention. In fact what’s even better is when bands like Mystic Peach come along. Mystic Peach are blending psych/shoegaze style with more modern indie rock and pop and seem to have created a brilliant own sound.

The group are a three piece from Southampton, one of the few places you can get a Taco Bell in the UK. It also has two universities and frankly shit all else. A lot of shops and a couple decent venues (The Joiners and Heartbreakers). However, it has created some incredible musicians including Band of Skulls and now Mystic Peach.

The band have only got one official release at the minute with their song ‘Downtown’. The track opens with a surf pop like style, making good use of a chorus pedal by the sounds of things. However, this slower airy surf sound doesn’t last long. By the chorus ‘Downtown’ has exploded into this shoegaze daydream. The chorus is a thing of beauty with a hell of a lot of fuzz before cutting back to the surfy-pop style for the verses. ‘Downtown’ is an absolutely beautiful debut single from this very promising band.

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