October Drift

October Drift maximize their sound on new track ‘All Broken Down’

October Drift emerged on the indie scene with a massive beefy wall of sound lathered in distortion. This was present on their early single, ‘You Are You Are.’ Influenced by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine, their reputation has rapidly increased through word of mouth and sold out shows.

The band’s live shows caught the attention from the likes of Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy and brought in a loyal fanbase, while they recently released a new single, ‘All Broken Down.’

‘All Broken Down’ features shoegaze-influenced guitars drenched in distortion and reverb, brought together by the gloomy post-punk production. The fast paced drums drive the track forward and are so loud it’s enough to make a room shake. It’s matched by the powerful passionate vocals, which are reminiscent of Ian Curtis. Being at the forefront of the mix, the delivery is passionate, allowing the listener to feel every word.

The dual guitars are extremely melodic, particularly the lead guitar which contains a hook that’ll get stuck in your head the moment you hear it. The rhythm guitar is caked in distortion, with a chorus effect that separates the band from their contemporaries. They fit beautifully to create an atmospheric soundscape.

Currently October Drift are on tour with Editors. Given how superb ‘All Broken Down’ is, we’re sure to hear more of them in the future with their reputation soaring.

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