The Last of The Old Blue?

Lewis Duffin of Hotel Lux  was allegedly choked last night at The Old Blue Last whilst he was trying to get back stage. Hotel Lux were playing the show for DIY’s ‘Hello 2018’ week at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch along with several other bands in London. Several bands, friends, and gig-goers took to twitter to voice their opinions…

The band Shame added; “Just heard that our dear friend Lewis had been choked trying to go backstage at the venue his band were playin at so yeah, fuck The Old Blue Last”. 

I asked the punk group about whether they’d play there again and got this in response: 

“Yeah we definitely won’t play there until they start using a different security company. A few other bands we’re friends with doing the same.”. 

Shame went on to tell us:

“Although I will say having played there many times, their security are abysmal, once refused a friend of ours entry for giving some change to a homeless person.” 

The Rhythm Method, who frequently play there, said on twitter:

“it’s a shame , there’s not many venues left in this city especially ones that don’t charge entry but every time we’ve played we’ve had nothing but aggro and disrespect from your jobsworth, heavy handed bouncers. However, choking out a teenager is next level”

It wasn’t long before we reached out to Hotel Lux who added;

“It’s a shame about the bouncers with bollocks too large for their boots because the venue itself is great so yeah I don’t wanna turn it into too much of a slagging match with the venue as it’s the bouncers not them at fault. Hopefully something can be sorted because there’s a lot of bands, ourselves included, refusing to play the venue until it’s resolved.”

The venue itself and DIY are yet to release a formal statement or add comment to the allegations.

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