Discover – RÓSA

‘Stranger’ is the latest single from LA electronic trio RÓSA and it is arguably their best release to date.

Imagine the mid-point between The XX and The 1975 – and you get this track. A song that emulates the sophisticated countermelodies and suave verses of The XX with the upbeat catchy choruses of The 1975.

The track opens with a brooding bass line and chirping synth, before melting into a daydream blanket of tranquil harmonies. Frontman Will Winter’s nonchalant falsetto vocals and the ambient flickering synth riffs provide the track with a motivated, upbeat edge. When paired with the pulsing bass line and punchy beat, it creates a rich, textured sound that oozes a cool, mellow vibe.

Yet again the Orange County group have illustrated the versatility and evolution of their sound and compositional skills.

Their debut EP ‘Gypsy Queen’ orientated around catchy 80s inspired riffs, which were fun and easy to listen to, but a little superficial. Their second EP ‘Wasteful’ drew influences from dancehall and R’n’B, giving them a more mature, vivid sound that radiated a clever, refreshing edge. The EP sounded more well thought out, and like actual electronic compositions, rather than just some indie pop with some plinky-plonky synth thrown in.

They’ve definitely found their distinct sound, and are getting stronger with each release. If ‘Strangers’ is their benchmark, the band are sure to flourish in 2018.

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