Artist Spotlight: Eat Fast

Back before the instant availability of the internet, if there was a band becoming popular in one part of the country the rest wouldn’t hear about them for a while. Now however we get this instantly. One such band is this week’s artist spotlight.

Eat Fast are absolutely tearing through the north of the country. First discovering these guys through the subscription service Flying Vinyl they instantly became a favourite for that month. Eat Fast are the in your face, loud, and fuzzy group that are comparable to the likes of a British version of Wavves.

Their chaotic scuzzy vibes build this almagamation of noise that falls perfectly into place to create some absolutely insane music. The band released their first single ‘Stammer’ in 2016 and followed it with their first EP ‘Fenham Dread(Lock)’. Since then the band went on to release the more complete single ‘Public Displays of Affection’ and their EP ‘Immortal Kombat’.

Their guitars are fuzzy, their drums are stomping, their lyrics resonate and travel through your soul. Eat Fast can really easily go far with their scuzzy surf punk/indie rock vibes. Their music absolutely explodes with energy but its easy to see how much more they have to give.


Adam Pearson
John Edgar
Mark Brown
James King

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