The Return Of Hinds

Throwback to the 2014 indie scene. The era produced some of the best indie bands to date. Several of which are now in headline slots at festivals and going on huge tours. Ones we haven’t heard from in a little while is Hinds. For those not in the loop around 2014 or just straight up don’t know who Hinds are, here’s a quick rundown.

Hinds are part of the incredibly untapped resource of Spanish indie bands, of which there is a small popular pool but a far greater ocean of great bands. They formed back in 2011 under a different name ‘Deers’ before changing to ‘Hinds’. The band released several singles, a compilation EP, and finally in 2016 an absolutely killer album. The music holds a lot of qualities of that age of indie rock but a lot of focus around the style of bands like Cherry Glazzer. A very raw, stripped back, slacker rock style.

With a single release back in August 2017 everyone was teased with a comeback that just…didn’t happen. Until now. The band released an image on their Instagram with the caption “#NewForYou hindsband.com”

The most likely thing? New For You is the name of a new album, EP, or single. We at ICM are extremely excited to hear it if it is the case. Nothing has changed on the website, yet, but perhaps soon.

Viva Hinds.

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