The Snuts

EP Review: The Snuts – The Matador EP

Scottish indie rockers The Snuts originate from West Lothian. They describe themselves as “anthemic indie” and are eagerly anticipated to smash 2018, building an ever-growing fanbase along the way. In 2016, they unleashed their debut single ‘Glasgow’, a stunning track with heaps of melody, while the band released their debut EP ‘The Matador EP’ in June last year. It’s an infectious taster of things to come, dominated by melodic guitar riffs and massive vocals. What we see here during these 18 minutes is that The Snuts have the potential to be huge.

The title track starts off with a dreamy guitar complimenting Jack Cochrane’s raw vocals. However once the drums kick in, the track morphs into a toe-tapping indie disco floor filler, the flanger creating a strong shoegaze effect.

Honesty and compassion are two key components for a great band. Like fellow Scots Lost in Vancouver and The View before them, The Snuts have this in spades. The soaring vocals in ‘Mixer’ blend superbly with the funky guitar to concoct a delicious cocktail of distinctive sounds, backed by high quality musicianship. The interplay between Jack and guitarist Joe McGillveray is a joy to listen to, especially on ‘Summertime’ where all the instruments combine for one massive indie jam session to close this wonderful EP.

After spending time with ‘The Matador EP’, it’s clear that The Snuts are on their way to something special. 2018 promises big things for them, so if you’re into Kings of Leon or The Killers, definitely add them to your collection because you won’t regret it.

The Snuts are:

Jack Cochrane (vocals/guitar)
Joe McGillveray (guitar)
Callum Wilson (bass)
Jordan McKay (drums)

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