Goat Girl

Artist Spotlight: Goat Girl

Music should be accessible to everyone. With the rise of free streaming options like YouTube, Spotify, and other websites, this is by far more accessible than ever. The only thing that isn’t generally is gigs. Back ten years and before anyone could go to gigs. Age restrictions were more relaxed and most of the gigs were free in some house in Dalston. What happened to that? Well despite the change, it’s being brought back. Bands like this week’s Artist Spotlight are at the forefront of the DIY movement. That band are Goat Girl.

I’d love to pinpoint Goat Girl’s sound and compare it to others but frankly, that’s been hard. Much like other artists featured in this article, Goat Girl have managed to pick up a new style in this age of unoriginality. The closest I can get is calling them ‘slacker rock’ mixed with The Coral. Whatever it is, I love it.

With their first release ‘Country Sleaze’ I instantly was hooked. Insanely catchy jangly guitar riffs, hard hitting lyrics, and an immense amount of power, it’s clear why they were picked up by Rough Trade. “Touch my body, touch my soul, touch that deep and disused hole” is a personal favourite lyric.

Their recent releases of ‘Cracker Drool’ and ‘Scream’ cement their style. With this beachy punky style, they’ve become a new favourite of not only ones but places like BBC 6 Music.

Definitely, a band to watch come the new year.



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