RAFFER releases latest track ‘Only Grows’

19-year-old singer/songwriter RAFFER has just released his melodic and diverse new track ‘Only Grows’, following the release of ‘Together‘ earlier this month.

The song begins with a variety of almost exotic vibes before smoothing into a surprisingly delicate song which is well suited to Callum Rafferty’s unique yet pacifying voice. Strong yet compassionate vocals inject an element of passion into the song whilst a soft drum beat keeps the song feeling somewhat upbeat.

Lyrics such as “she’s my one desire” and “but her, my girl” cause this loving track to feel almost reassuring and tranquilizing, despite its elements of apparent loneliness with “lost in the rain”. RAFFER’s lyrics are unparalleled, and they allow you to gradually fall in love with this mesmerising song every time you hear it.

‘Only Grows’ is accompanied by an eccentric lyric video, and somehow it works; the video feels as if it illustrates the song perfectly through bright colours and quirky graphics, whilst also leaving a lasting impression. Combined with previous releases it is clear big things are to come from RAFFER.

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