The Neighbourhood release new single ‘Scary Love’

The Neighbourhood have gained rapid support since forming back in 2011 and now they are back with their latest single ‘Scary love’ and it does not disappoint!

They have always had a real skill for fusing genres and this is demonstrated perfectly in this latest track with the atmospheric and R&B vibes that complement the classic indie rock sound they are best known for. Lead vocalist Jesse Rutherford really shines on this with his emotionless yet powerful vocals that just sit perfectly with the instrumentals.

The lyrical content within this track does what it says on the tin, it explores the fear within love, the lyrics ‘You’re too pretty for me’ reflects the anxiety that comes in a relationship which presents a sense of vulnerability and self-doubt.

Overall a really solid track and a great addition to the band’s fantastic discography.

Check out the track here:


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