SPINN release new upbeat track ‘She Takes Her Time’

SPINN are a fresh up and coming band from Liverpool, who create upbeat jangly pop that’s tailor made for an indie disco. With a sound that’ll melt your heart as well as move your feet, they’ve received high praise from A Music Blog, Yea?, DORK, and have been featured on BBC Introducing Merseyside.

Earlier this month, they released a new single ‘She Takes Her Time’, taken from their new EP, due out in March 2018. It is built around a beautiful glacial guitar riff with plenty of reverb and an infectious chorus that’ll bring a ray of sunshine to a cold winter day. The Scouse accents are refreshing to hear, showcasing a band who stay true to their roots, while Jonny’s confident vocal delivery will boost anyone’s mood. The reverb on the backing vocals demonstrates the band’s dream-pop influence, it makes them sound hazy and unique, and it works superbly.

Lyrically, the track could be about a girl who is unattainable, but as it goes on, you’re hoping that she will fall in love with the protagonist as Jonny sings: “I know that she takes her time / I was always told that.” What does stand out about the lyrics is the clever wordplay in describing how the protagonist hangs onto every word in vivid detail. “If she told me that the sky was never blue / I wouldn’t doubt her for a little while.” The delivery is perfect and will put a huge grin on your face.

On ‘She Takes Her Time’, SPINN show why they are heading for exciting things in three delicious minutes. If they carry on this run of form, 2018 will be a massive year for them.


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