Artist Spotlight: Starwheel

Much like my love of female lead bands, I have massive love of indie psychedelic music. The resurgence of this genre has been insane and there are so many talented bands out there reviving it blurring between shoegaze and psych. One such band who are helping this revival are the Midlands group Starwheel.

Discovering bands like Starwheel is truly a blessing and Starwheel are among the top of these blessings. They, like many of the bands featured in these articles, don’t have a huge discography but that’s the fun. Sitting on for singles over the past couple years, Starwheel have enough for you to latch on to and get hooked by and still leaves you wanting more.

Their first two singles, “Drip Feed” and “Broken Glass” were the only two releases when I found them and remain my favourites. “Broken Glass” starts with an atmospheric build up before a funky bass line comes in, punchy but not in an aggressive way. That was what sold me instantly. Airy guitar hits over top and when the whole band joins in it really feels like that Brian Jonestown Massacre brand of psych music. Hot off the heels of these two tracks the band proceeded to release two more; “Slow Down” and “Through My Window”

While the band haven’t released anything for around eight months, they are still performing gigs in various locations. Seems like the right time for a new release to me. I can’t wait to see this resurgence of psych take off past the low level indie scene because there’s so many incredible bands ready to explode. Starwheel will be among the bands at the forefront of that.

– Featured image by Luca Bailey –


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