Artist Spotlight: Dama Scout

I dont know what goes on in Scotland, they’re the complete other end of the UK to myself. However, with the rise of some incredible bands like The Van T’s, Django Django, and Mogwai, Scotland is producing some of the absolute best indie out there. This week is no except with an Artist Spotlight on Glaswegian (and London) babes Dama Scout.

It’s been hard to pinpoint Dama Scout’s sound, it varies slightly throughout each song. A central theme of deliberately messy, DIY indie rock with jangly guitars runs consistently through it all though. With a freshly released EP, its clear to see that these guys know their music. Theres so many influences mixed into one to create a new and brilliant vibe.

Their latest single ‘Suzie Wong’ is boasting a brilliant 100,000 plays on Spotify and is by far my favourite track by the trio. ‘Suzie Wong’ is the single released from new EP ‘Dama Scout EP’. It’s reminiscent of bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and 60s rock, along with heavy overtones of bands like Cherry Glazerr and came from the use of a toy guitar, who’d have guessed it? The rest of this EP manages to keep up incredibly with the charm that this band instantly had over me.

The band have several singles prior to the EP so plenty to sink your little indie teeth into as well as playing shows frequently. I’d be happy to pin these guys as ones to watch in 2018.


Eva Liu: Vocals/Guitar
Scot Lucci: Bass
Daniel Grant: Drums

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