Lake Acacia

Interview: Lake Acacia talk about their debut EP ‘Figure Frame’

New to the scene, Lake Acacia, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, have released their debut EP ‘Figure Frame’.

Their diverse musical style ranges from heavy riffs to three-part harmonies utilising each member of the band effectively whilst appealing to a wide target audience and delivering a huge impact live from just three members combining these aspects.

With influences from bands such as Muse and Biffy Clyro they also take inspiration from some unusual genres like progressive metal and indie rock.

After taking part in other musical projects over the past few years, the band has started to come together and formed officially during in the summer of 2016 whilst writing music and planning for their EP ‘Figure Frame’.

The unsigned trio are Adam Budd (lead vocals & guitar), Tim Groethe (bass guitar & backing vocals) and Joe Homer (drums, percussion & backing vocals). Who, in three words, describe themselves as a “raucous, alt, trio”, a perfect match to their rocky guitar riffs and loud, shouty vocals. 

Speaking about recording the EP, the band said it was “one of the greatest things” they have done. “The week we were tracking recording and editing was a serious time but a great laugh at the same time.” They added.

Describing their songwriting process, they stated: “Usually what normally goes down is Adam comes along with a new recording of a song which he writes using Logic. The rest of band then as well as Adam go through each of our parts and individually and have the chance to highlight some possible changes in the song.

“Once this has been done Adam will then make these adjustments. This is an efficient way of working due to the fact we can’t be together 24/7 due to the fact we all have jobs.”

With being very young and new to the music industry means they have jobs to sustain an income. “Adam works in a supermarket handling some Fruit and vegetables; Tim is at university studying Music and Joe works at a sound and lighting company as well as delivering Amazon packages here and there.

Of course it’s a little bit more difficult to manage opposed to as if we didn’t all work but there’s always a way around to manage things well.”

But what was the most enjoyable song to record? For guys, that seems to be a simple answer – ‘Self Restraint’. “Definitely the filthiest of the four and one of the most enjoyable songs to perform live because it’s just so loud.” The band said. “However, ‘Hold Fast’ was another great track to record because over the course of a couple of years there have been many versions of this and to have finally produced a version we were all with was a good feeling.”

With plans to tour around the UK following the release of their EP they have already began work in the studio on a second EP to be released in 2018.

You can see Lake Acacia perform next at AKA in Banbury on the 1st December. The band is also planning to be; “playing venues in various towns over England so make sure you keep an eye on where we’ll be!”

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