Calva Louise

Calva Louise are back with ‘Getting Closer’

Calva Louise are the indie rock trio known for being an absolute powerhouse of punky vibes and non-stop energy. Last year releasing their debut ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’ and now releasing ‘Getting Closer’.

‘Getting Closer’ is slightly different but still with that same punky charm. Opening with a punchy bass riff and light accompaniment of drums instantly you feel hooked to the track. The light and airy guitar riff comes in before slashing into some hard power chords in true Calva Louise style. Then come the lyrics. Oh man, the lyrics. For a good few listens to this song it hadn’t quite hit me of what the song was about.

“I think I’m getting closer to what I tried to become I feel good on my own, my identity’s falling I between picking up the pieces that don’t seem to really fit.”

For anyone between the ages of 13-23, I this will hit hardest. ‘Getting Closer’ feels like it’s all about the loss and change of identity especially in your early twenties. A time where you feel like it’s too late to change anything but you’re also not the person you want to be. Getting Closer has hit me hard for this very reason.

The song delves into my favourite part, post second verse, where it becomes an all-out noise war, screaming both from the guitar and lead, Jess. Then after another verse and some build up, we come to the light-hearted, upbeat, bouncy chorus which somehow brings me so much joy from the hard-hitting subtext. This song manages to totally nail hard hitting and upbeat and I’m totally here for it.

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