Artist Spotlight: Me and the Moon

One day I will stop harping on about my utter love of female lead bands and the talent that so many female musicians hold. Today won’t be that day though, and it certainly wont be soon. So to carry on the theme, today’s Artist Spotlight is Guildford bred Me and the Moon.

Bands come and go, they portray some false feelings or push a generic atmosphere, but the bands that really stick around are the ones who nail the feeling of the time. Me and the Moon do this wonderfully. They formed back in the summer of 2015 and self describe themselves to “embody those long, warm, hazy days of endless opportunity”. They’re music proves that they’re damn well on the mark.

Self-releasing their first EP “Run with Wolves” and subsequent single “Get Away”, Me and the Moon started to really make a name for themselves with incredible support slots for Marika Hackman, Flyte, and Marsicians. They recently signed to My Little Empire Records, and just released their brand new single “Standing Still”.

“Standing Still” is this floaty indie pop tune that guides you along the soft vocals that feels like they’re totally effortless. The guitar work feels like a mix between fellow Guildford Gang; Foxe, Blushes, and Vampire Weekend. Some of the latest indie pop at its absolute finest.


Tamara-Jane: Vocals/Guitar

Jonny Elstone: Guitar/Backing Vocals/Synth

Alex Archer: Drums

Images by Rob Blackham [Blackham Images]

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  1. Came back to check out this track since it’s so great… when can we hear more from them? I am loving this series, the Yonaka post brought me here! Don’t stop writing it!

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