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Luna Shadows releases new EP ‘Youth’

LA’s reigning queen of mysterious pop, Luna Shadows, has now shared her latest EP ‘Youth’. The LA-based artist’s dazzling new EP is filled with timeless melodies and relaxing 80’s pop numbers.

The Multi‐instrumentalist and singer, writer and producer is a cross between GLADES and The Japanese House with her raw vocals and a twist of indie pop. Title track ‘Youth’ is a song all about our remembering selves” as she explains.

“I look back on certain people and places that I loved more than they loved me with a sense of profound regret. The weight of lost time and depression-filled years casts a dark blue hue over memories that once were so convincingly colorful.

“Yet somehow in the present moment, I am able to justify days spent in bed with the idea that love is not something that ever truly results in waste, and is in fact always a worthwhile endeavor despite the outcome. My past and present selves never see eye to eye on this.”

Pairing up to co-produce the track with SOMBEAR (a.k.a. Brad Hale from Now, Now), “Youth” is Luna at her finest; etherial and broody pop vocals, timeless melodies and compelling lyrics that combine to create another poignant pop gem.

Second track, ‘Thorns’ was released back in May and her ‘Echo Park pop’ vibes are charmingly aesthetic. The contrast between the profound lyrics and moody melodies intensifies the enchanting vibe, much like the rest of her music.

‘Cheerleader’ is an indietronic-pop ballad. Dreamy melodies and personal lyrics whilst compared to ‘Tokyo’ it has blissful changes in melodies accompanied by a lovely blooming narrative.

Luna Shadows is taking the American pop scene by storm and this EP has put her foot firmly in the door.

Luna Shadows will be hitting the road to Los Angeles and New York. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased HERE.

Upcoming Luna Shadows Live Dates
11/29 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo (PopShop West)
12/9 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

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