ISLAND release latest single ‘Try’

Indie-rock band Island have just released their mellow new song “Try”, which features euphoric vocals and light guitar riffs creating a heartthrob of an acoustic anthem. With a sound similar to that of Amber Run’s heavenly songs, it is no surprise that ISLAND went on tour with them late last year, and are set to begin their own tour across the UK and Europe in early November.

The four-piece’s solemn and gentle new song introduces us to a more delicate tone with soft melodies and distinct instrumentals, engaging the listener to their reflective and brooding new track. With soothing hooks and a somewhat calming presence, their combination of uplifting melodies within a relatively slow and sincere song ignites a sense of hope.

The California based group’s most popular tracks, “Dreaming Of” and “Stargazer”, each have just over 2 million streams on Spotify and are of a similar style to “Try”, which should be of similar success. With a whole host of festivals under their belt, including Reading and Leeds, ISLAND is certainly a band to watch as they continue to take the music industry by storm.

– featured image by Flore Diamant –

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