Suzi Wu

Artist Spotlight: Suzi Wu

Frequently I’ve heard the phrase “indie is dead”. Whether it’s from friends, overheard at gigs, or written in (wrong) opinion pieces, this phrase is thrown around a lot. Frankly, this is totally absurd as proven not only by the various articles we do, but Artist Spotlight takes all the newest indie artists around and gives them a platform for people to be introduced to them.

However this week we’re going for something a little different to the usual indie rock/pop/punk material that’s normally covered. We’ve got the hard hitting, attitude ridden, pop queen Suzi Wu for this week’s spotlight.

This is something slightly different for your ears to slowly sink into. Suzi Wu released her EP ‘Teenage Witch’ earlier this year and people have been obsessed ever since. With flavours of acts like King Krule, Oscar, and Jamie T, Suzi Wu is an incredibly refreshing voice in this genre.

With moments of satire, steady beats, and a degree of carelessness; Suzi Wu manages to really nail what it’s like being young in this day and age. Lyrics like “ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the guys are fuckboys, the girls are sluts” from ‘Teenage Witch’ (the title track) hits at the jokey side, while lyrics like “mama papa love me, at least that’s what they say” from ‘Taken Care Of’ is the more hard hitting and relatable side to her writing.

‘Teenage Witch’ was on repeat for the longest time after I started listening for it’s beautiful simplicity, rough edges that seem to still flow perfectly, and the relatable nature of its lyrics.

Suzi Wu is set for huge things, ‘Teenage Witch’ proves that, and her music is already getting a tonne of publicity. Watch Suzi Wu become one of the biggest names in British music.

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