Will Joseph Cook

Will Joseph Cook returns

After a huge debut album in April, which ended up being the soundtrack to our summer, Will Joseph Cook has made an unexpected return and has announced he will be dropping a three track EP, to celebrate this he has treated us to his latest creation, ‘If you wanna make money’.

Released on Friday, the track coincided with the start of his tour, where I am sure he gave fans a taste of what the new track is like live. The rest of the EP will be released imminently and we can not wait. He has not had a quiet summer, either with playing with Alt-J in Dublin and then performing at some of the UKs biggest festivals and now he’s dropped this.

The track itself, stays true to all the things we love about WJC, the groovy beats, chirpy choruses and most importantly the sound. The sound that takes us back to the Summer, lazing around in the sun. As we could all guess, this track is nothing short of fabulous, simply a tune.

The angelic and dreamy nature of his voice creates a perfectly happy tune, which gives us the last bit of sunshine before winter arrives. WJC has never failed not to produce a song which deserves nothing less than a sing-a-long. He has just added another banger to the repertoire.

We will see what the new track is like live on Saturday in London. Catch him elsewhere on the final tour of his debut album.

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