Dog In The Snow

Discover: Dog In The Snow – ‘Consume Me’

Listen. To. This. Track. Whether it’s an introduction to their upcoming EP or an introduction to them as a band, Dog In The Snow’s latest is not one to skip over. If you like the sound of The 1975’s ‘Milk’, are a fan of The Japanese House, or are into the haunting vibes of The XX, you’re in luck because there’s a good chance you might just love this track.

An enticingly lethargic rhythm guitar trawls through the opening, wearily rolling in and out of each chord. Contemporary drumbeats encompass the minimalist tone of the song, giving it that atmospheric, XX-esque feel. The vocals are just as ethereal and haunting, and if anything, are the real spotlight of the music.

‘Consume me’ isn’t particularly lyric centred – which isn’t to discredit how poignant and apt they are to the track, but it’s possibly more the feeling behind them, and what that does to their delivery and sound which is where the real artistry lies.

The track feels to be much more about emotion and sound than story, to the point where the feeling behind the sound is the story itself, becoming more and more impassioned and driven as the song continues. Ghostly sounding harmonies slip into the mix nearing the end of the song, creating a subtly perturbed aura and finishing on a gentle yet unsettling note.

Haunting, minimalistic and brilliantly atmospheric; ‘Consume Me’ is well worth a listen.


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