The Dunwells

Song Of The Week: The Dunwells – Colour My Mind

Leeds quartet The Dunwells are Song Of The Week with ‘Colour My Mind’ ahead of their ‘Colour My Mind’ EP, which is out on December 1st.

The EP has taken 24 months in the making where brothers, Joe and Dave Dunwell wanted to capture the sound and personality of their live performances in the studio.

With the video, the lead single and title track ‘Colour My Mind’ has elements of gospel music. Not necessarily religious, but a brightness found in gospel harmony. Where previous releases may have veered toward the melancholy, this is a song designed to make you feel pure joy.

The heartfelt song and video are dedicated to their late “fifth member of the band”, Sean Murphy, who passed away this summer from an aggressive form of cancer. This one goes out to him.

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