Calva Louise

Artist Spotlight: Calva Louise

One song is often all it takes to get incredibly excited by a band. It happened with Wolf Alice, Hey Charlie, Dead Pretties etc. Now a newcomer has blown us away once again. London grungy group Calva Louise are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

They’ve described their sound as “Fuse surfy riffs to fuzzy grunge pop” which frankly couldn’t work better. Female led indie rock is one of the most popular and it’s no surprise with the talent coming out of bands like Calva Louise.

Calva Louise

Calva Louise performing at Shindignation Festival – Hayden Ho


They’re racuous, riotous, and absolutely explosive with their only official release “I’m Gonna Do Well”. Lead singer and guitarist Jess’ vocals both manage to trill and scream over her perfectly played riffs, never missing a note or a beat. “I’m Gonna Do Well” seems to beautifully pair this feeling of pure grungy punk anger while then getting across the same feeling something upbeat and fun to dance to in the chorus.

Other than this officially released single, the trio have released live videos of their track “Getting Closer” which is far more on the aspect of the surfy guitar than the grunge and yet manages to retain the same amount of ferocity and power. “Getting Closer” feels like if The Big Moon expanded into grunge and yet it’s somehow so much Moreno than that.

Calva Louise can easily be tipped as ones to watch in 2017, they’re going to explode soon. You can feel it.


Jess: Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals
Alizon: Bass / Vocals
Ben: Drums / Vocals

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