Artist Spotlight: BlackWaters

Supporting your local scene is incredibly important in this age of music. In fact, I believe it may well be important forever. We at ICM take it upon ourselves too frequently hit up gigs in our hometowns and check out the latest talents. One such of these was a band from my uni town BlackWaters who are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

With such a resurgence in punk music in the U.K. in the last few years, it’s no surprise we have this huge pool to choose from. Whether BlackWaters are something different from the others I’m honestly not sure. Does that matter though? BlackWaters seem to nail their sound on the head, they know what they’re going for and it’s brilliant. Raucous riffs, killer lead lines, and completely fuzzed out to the high heavens, BlackWaters are just incredibly enjoyable to listen to and explosive as all hell.

Of course in true punk fashion, we’ve got songs to make some form of social commentary like “Jarr’ed up Generation” and we’ve got songs like “Down” which are so incredibly catchy that I was hooked after the first listen. The lead’s English accent shines through which is always utterly brilliant to hear especially given the nature of the music.

For fans of bands like Vant, Slaves, Dead Pretties, and King Nun to name a few, BlackWaters may well be a new favourite.

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