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Song Of The Week: Cape Cub – Flowers

Song Of The Week is ‘Flowers’ which is the first of three singles to be released in the coming months from Chad Male who is the man behind Cape Cub.

Hailing from Marske-by-the-Sea along the North East Coast, Male has produced a dreamy pop song stuffed with hook-ridden riffs and uplifting vocals about overcoming fear through the strong bond of a loving relationship.

Being locked away writing and recording music under new label Lab Records has given Cape Cub time to grow and blossom into an artist that is clearly prepared for 2018.

Male said about what’s next for him: “In these next few Cape Cub singles, starting with Flowers, I guess I’m exploring the highs and lows of what it means to be a person today in this crazy world we live in, and thinking about what it means to exist.

“These songs are my diary entries about stumbling and traversing life without a guidebook or a how-to… because at times I’ve been crying out to find one”

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