Wake Up Now – Nick Mulvey Releases New LP

3 years on and the sophomore album has finally dropped! Nick Mulvey, a genius with a guitar has released his second album following on from 2014’s First Mind’.

‘Wake Up Now’ is an interesting development of Nick. Showcasing his lead singles ‘Unconditional’, ‘Myela’ and ‘Mountain To Move’, ‘Wake Up Now’ expands the expectations of what we already knew about his talents.

Alike, ‘First Mind’, Nick retains that uplifting feel to his tracks with his unique mix of percussion and vocal harmonies throughout, but dare I say, takes it on step further and improves on his first album.

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Wake Up Now, Nick Mulvey Album Art

Wake Up Now, Nick Mulvey Album Art

In the music industry there is the known myth, of the ‘difficult second album’. To my knowledge many bands have fallen into this and struggled to set the same impression on me like their first album did. Many have reached par with their first album. But, only a few have actually won me over more.

Nick, proudly can add his name to that list! ‘Wake Up Now’ takes on a more conventional outlook on the acoustic genre but takes it higher with many intricate layers to his tracks. The second track on the album, ‘Transform Your Game (We Remain)’, is a lasting opener to the album, hints at brass, percussion, backing vocals, Nick’s lead and a continual hand clap throughout makes it incredibly hard to sit still when listening to it.

This feel goes on all the way throughout the album, notably on, ‘Remembering’. A beautiful reminisce to past times with a catchy beat and soothing vocals. It’s safe to say it can be quite an emotional album at times.

Along with the album he has released a video for one of his lead singles, ‘Myela’. Directed by Majid Adin, an Iranian animator and filmmaker, who has sought refuge in the UK. It comes as a hitting message as the whole track revolves around the current refugee crisis.

Nick is very involved with offering help to others. A couple of actions that are notable throughout his album release are the fact that all ‘Myela’ proceeds are going to aid Help Refugees UK. He will also be performing for the Give A Home For Human Rights campaign too.

The whole album’s true inspiration comes from the current shambles that we all live in. But unlike many demanding answers, and ultimately demanding unconfidently. Nick is trying to raise a more intellectual and inquisitive debate about these issues.

The lead single, ‘Mountain To Move’, sums up the aim of the album within it’s chorus perfectly. So, take a minute, read the following, and simply… think…

‘Cause Mary Anne is a healer
She had pain on her mind
She said, “Your money’s your medicine”
But she’s sick all the time
‘Cause you got lost in comparison
Always pretending you knew
When everything you were looking for
Was already looking at you
Oh, I don’t want to see us lose
Any more time
This moment is a mountain to move
So move it inside
Wake up now
Wake up now
Wake up now
Wake up now
‘Wake up Now’ is available on all streaming services and music shopping outlets.

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