Ten Tonnes

Ten Tonnes drops new single ‘Cracks Between’

Following the release of his ‘Born to Lose’ EP in June this year, 20-year-old Ethan Barnett, better known as Ten Tonnes, has released a new single ‘Cracks Between’.

Compared with tracks from the ‘Born to Lose’ EP, ‘Cracks Between’ is a more beachy, summery track – and something less vocally and musically reminiscent of Barnett’s brother – George Ezra. ‘Cracks Between’ is a distinguishably melodically lighter single – and Ten Tonnes’ music maintains a level of noughties-indie throughout his discography.

‘Cracks Between’ is a great summer tune with a great take on the juxtaposition of a summery-sound and a break-up anthem. In his ‘Making of’ video, Barnett explains that the song is about ‘a relationship slowly splintering apart’. Despite a seemingly negative subject matter, ‘Cracks Between’ has a light and catchy rhythm with an infective pre-chorus and hook on the levels of Circa Waves, or The Kooks in the 00s. Particularly enjoyable is the use of repetition and alliteration throughout the track: ‘it’s mountains out of mole hills again’ contrasts sharply with the rapid consonance of the stuttering ‘cr-cr-cr-cracks’ and complementarily jolty instrumental.

If ‘Cracks Between’ anything to suggest for Ten Tonnes’ future music, it’s looking up and looking to the festivals of summer. If you want to catch Ten Tonnes live there are dates at Festival N°6 in Portmeirion on September 9

If you want to catch Ten Tonnes live there are dates:

September 9 – Festival N°6
September 14 – Camden Assembly
October 7 – Neighbourhood Festival

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