Artist Spotlight: FOXE

“A cross between a manly woodcutter and pretentious art school” proclaim this week’s Artist Spotlight, FOXE, about themselves.

A band who’re quickly on the rise in the U.K. indie scene boasting supports slots with The Magic Gang, Rat Boy, and Blackwaters to name a few. But who are they? What do they play?

FOXE are a three piece from Guildford, Surrey, playing delightful guitar based indie rock/pop which is as pleasurable to watch live as it is recorded (which is indeed very nice). With three current tracks released, their jangly guitar pop floats into your head and cuts deeper than its style would suggest. It’s incredible music to dance to, sing to, and frequently telling tales of a romance with someone called Frankie. Coincidentally ‘Frankie’ is the name of one of the band’s mind blowingly good tracks, and the character is referenced in all three releases, whether they’re real or based on another person is a question for another day.

All that you need to know as readers is that this band are utterly killing it. You can tell where bands are going to end up, how big they may get, and these guys are going to be huge. They’ve got the makings of one of the most fun and popular bands around so get in soon and you’ll be able to be one of those people who say “I knew about them ages ago”.


George: Guitar/Vocals
Antonia: Bass/Backing Vocals
Mat: Drums

Header photo by Ryan Henry

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