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Artist Spotlight – Peach Club

OH BOY AM I EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. It takes an artist quite a lot for me to really like them instantly. Most artists featured on Artist Spotlight possess one of the qualities necessary for this. I also wish I could tell you what these qualities were but unfortunately, it varies rather a lot.

However having said this, there is one thing I noticed with this week’s group that is consistent with some others. Raw, angry, an element of a more DIY style, and punk as all hell; Peach Club are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

Having followed the girls of Peach Club for some time, when finally getting round to listening to them I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner. If you’re fans of modern bands like Dream Wife, Yassassin, or older bands like Bikini Kill, you’re in for a treat with Peach Club.

Their debut release, an EP named ‘The Bitch Diaries’ was released back in 2016 along with three extra singles that year. We’re so far awaiting things in 2017 but couldn’t be more excited for when stuff is released. Off the back of such an incredible EP and three absolutely killer singles it’s exciting to anticipate what the girl gang will do next.

‘Gr8’ is a personal favourite and entirely fits in with the groups self described style of “ACTIVIST RIOT GRRRL BAND FROM NORWICH”.

If you love Riot Grrl culture, angry girl bands, and sick music give Peach Club a listen at your first chance.

Katie Revell
Rebecca Wren
Charlie Hart
Amanda MacKinnon

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