Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan’s Sinister Song, ‘Figh†ing By †he Church’

Bob Vylan first introduced himself two months ago with his debut visuals for Clapped In The Dome… 2Pac’s Home.

Two months on, still not much is known about Bob Vylan (pronounced Villain). The little that is, follows: He’s an orphan, he once held a teaching position, and has been homeless on more than one occasion. He also once lived in a small village abroad commonly referred to as ‘Sandtown’, but returned to England when he got news that his longtime friend and manager had died.

Now, Bob Vylan has dropped another sinister song for the sinners of the world. This time it comes in the form of ‘Figh†ing By †he Church’, an upbeat punk song with elements of trap production that tells tales of delinquent and morally disreputable activity that sometimes occurs outside the most commonly frequented place of worship… The Church!

Once again taking the D.I.Y ethic so prevalent in both Punk and Rap, ‘Fighting By †he Church’ was produced entirely by Bobby himself.

Figh†ing By †he Church is the second part of a three part video series that began 2 months ago with his debut visual Clapped In The Dome… 2Pac’s Home

Like ‘Clapped In The Dome…’, Figh†ing By †he Church was shot entirely on Mini DV by Yoko Luv (Bobby’s wife) and directed and edited by Vylan.

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