Artist Spotlight – LICE

My favourite subgenre of punk has been seen in this week’s Artist Spotlight known as ‘art-punk’. Slinking out of the depths of a post-punk era, with influences from a surfy/blues/post-punk vibe, come the Bristolian quartet LICE.

The self proclaimed satirical art-punks have been tearing up not only the Bristol scene, but the indie scene as a whole. Originating back in 2016, with a slightly different line up, the group have now solidified themselves, their sound, and their act.

It’s always nice from an Artist Spotlight to have a bit more music to write about to figure out what they’re about. LICE are sitting on a discography of a demos EP and a single (and B side) which doesn’t sound like much but believe me when I say it’s plenty to sink your arty little teeth into. ‘Nutmilk: The basement demos’ was the original release. Almost like spoken word, mixed with yelling over sick guitar riffs and crashing cymbals. After this was their first official release: Human parasite (with The Pervert Endeavour as a B-Side). Human Parasite starts with possibly my favourite bass riff I’ve heard in a long time. Their constant commentary on social life sets their vibe in stone.

The group are performing a whole host of shows in the near future both headline and support shows with the likes of similar act YOWL. Just by their music it’s clear their shows will be mental and lots of fun.

If you love a bit of pretentious punk music with funky riffs and great vocals then check out this West Country group to pleasure your ear holes.


Alistair: Vocals
Silas: Guitar
Gareth: Bass
Bruce: Drums

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